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Navigating toxic , abusive and/or stressful workplaces

Working in toxic, abusive and stressful workplaces and dealing with toxic/highly antagonistic people can literally break your spirit and cause chronic and mental strain,  low morale, shame and health problems for many professionals regardless of their field.  Let’s unpack your stressful, toxic and abusive workplace issues and get you back on the path to healing and better coping mechanisms.  Let’s come up with a strategy if you intend to stay or leave your workplace because not everyone has the privilege of leaving.  Or if you have left your toxic workplace already, what are the next steps that you need to take and important telltale signs you need to know before entering another workspace.

high conflict / toxic interpersonal relationships

I will lend you a confidential and empathetic ear to freely express your thoughts and give you some important healing and wellness modalities especially for those who may be suffering from depression, migraines, hair loss, digestive issues, stomach pains, insomnia, anxiety, PSTD and/or some other physical illnesses.  Let’s unburden your heart and discuss trauma bonding and legacy / generational / cultural issues for those who are stuck in relationships with toxic people.  I hold space and empower professionals who have been psychologically battered and left disillusioned or who are plain stressed and mentally exhausted in trying to figure it all out; and create a language around what is happening to them.  And those who may be suffering from trauma or mental health challenges I can support you by finding further assistance.  

Strategic consultation

Getting head in life requires a proper strategy and not just leaving things to chance. Getting ahead means also understanding the world and the people around you. Let’s discuss career, mindfulness, mental health issues, healing, stress-reduction, breaking cycles/generational patterns, presentation&image, limiting beliefs, blind spots that may be holding you back, cultural and generational issues, navigating toxic relationships in the workplace and in real life, overcoming negative experiences from the past and trends in the world. Let’s also brainstorm on your short and long term goals for the year and strategize and come up with a plan to get you ahead.


60 minutes

24 hours to resechedule or cancel appointments. Cancellations and rescheduling less than 24 hours will be responsibility of the client.


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