I graduated from Brown University, where I double majored in International Relations & Africana studies.  Six years later, I graduated from Fordham University School of Law where I received a Juris Doctorate and specializing in International Human Rights Law.  At Fordham School of Law, I was a Stein Scholar (Public Interest Law and Ethics) and Co-Chair of the Stein Scholars Roundtable Series for one year. During law school,  I  interned with Human Rights Watch in the Africa Division and also represented low income clients while working at my law school’s law clinic.   From 2001-2013, I worked for the United Nations Peacekeeping/Political/PeaceBuilding Missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Senegal and Sierra Leone. During my service, I served as humanitarian affairs, political analyst/report writing officer and special assistant.  I am a former UN Fellow (UNITAR) on conflict resolution and mediation. I am a Certified Professional Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and a certified meditation teacher.  I studied leadership ontology, phenomenology and informed trauma care.  I support professionals who are experiencing toxic workplace dynamics and/or dealing with toxic people in their personal life. I also provide psycho-education to my clients on the patterns of narcissistic abuse and toxic and highly antagonistic personalities. I enjoy helping clients in map out strategies in any area of their life to achieve their goals or make decisions using reality based solutions through intuition, discernment, self awareness and psycho-education. You can expect curiosity, empathy and compassion from me.  


My mission is to support professionals & entrepreneurs
especially people of color, women, marginalized & other intersectional groups and help them better manage their daily lives and stress to enable them to have a better quality of life. I am based in NYC but connect to all over the world.  I know myself from years of working in high-conflict, high-stress and post conflict zones, the toll that these jobs can take on one’s nervous system, body and mind and how it can block us from making good decisions, cause low morale and ability to focus on one’s personal goals.

As a Black and African woman, I also know the additional tolls that we face in the world due to racism, sexism, cultural expectations and micro-aggressions and how that can manifest itself into all types of  physical and mental health issues and impact overall happiness.  I believe it is important to work with professionals who have had the proper training, can relate to your story and not brush your experiences aside because they have never been in your shoes.


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